Our core idea behind the website: To get the best sorted technology and innovations updates on the go!

The two geniuses behind the Njivy Page are Carl Gage and Lauren Carrier. Now, you may think that both are from the same tech field, but our story is different.

Let’s begin with Carl.

He can be called as the TechManiac, who is always ready with the latest tech updates. If you find Carl reading something, then it would probably be about the newly launched gadget or about a spacecraft mission that NASA is going to conduct.

Other than this, he loves cooking and a pasta lover.

While Lauren could be described as – 

Lauren Carrier is a chef turned marketing analyst. It does sound weird, doesn’t it? She loves traveling and baking cakes.

It’s the love for technology, that lead both of them to start off their own personal blog. Here it is! So, what kind of tech lover are you? You can get in touch with us and ask out your queries and reviews that you would like to read here. Reach out to us

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