Features That Every All-In-One POS System Must Have

The cash-counter installations, POS (Point of Sale) manages the transactions and keeps check of more on the customer’s end. But when it comes to eCommerce, you have a software POS which allows the sellers to save the orders, calculate the cost, and send the payment confirmation to both seller and customer. All these functions are carried out in a POS system.

Are you getting the complexity of the software? If you are planning to buy an all-in-one POS software, there are certain things you need to note. Let’s find out.

Features That Every All-In-One POS System Must Have

Features Of Every All-In-One POS System

The main purpose of every POS system is to process the sales. When we talk about a full-featured POS system, they do so many additional works like tracking the inventory, managing the number of employees, sales reporting, monitoring, etc.

Also, POS software varies a lot in their sizes – it could be a simple system or something really complex. It would still handle the business requirements for you no matter the type and the size of the company.

What is POS? It’s the Point of Sale service.

And, POS software? It is the computed form of POS service that takes care of the sales and business.

When we talk about the all-in-one POS, it should simply keep a check on the customer purchases. But many at times, you may end up with additional costs in the long run. So, it’s important that you consider certain aspects while Choosing the All-In-One POS system:

  • Touch Screen Display

A must-have feature, and I guess the number one priority of all! It will make the usage convenient. The screens should resist the spills and rough use too.

  • Connected Printer with the Easy Load Setting

I know that most of the POS software don’t have printer system along, but later you will have to buy the printer separately. Why not make a one-time purchase for that? The EASY LOAD allows you to drop the paper roll into the printer easily, and reduce the waiting time.

  • Interface

Of course, the interface should be an updated one so that it integrates well with the new technologies.

  • Security

Just like all the software should be, even your POS software should be hard-bided and safe from any malware attack.

  • Magnetic Card Reader

This feature is necessary for accessing customer accounts, loyalty cards. No need to enter the card details anymore, just swipe and get the work done.

POS is a vast concept, and something not easily understandable for a layman. But you can surely use the above-listed tips for making the Best Selection.

Smart Lock Buying Guide : Coolest Home Safety Measure for 2019!

With technology getting more smarter day by day, the next obvious question would be the Security aspect. And why not! Here, I am talking about home safety solutions. Just like we keep the data safe with passwords, similarly, we can protect our homes with smart lock door options. But, yeah there’s a but there.

But I felt a dilemma while searching a smart lock for my home. There are digital smart locks and there are other locks that come with a passcode. You have to set the code on the lock, which will unlock the door. No two smart locks have the same working style, so how will you know which is the right one for your home?

Smart Lock Buying Guide

The Types and Functions ~ Smart Lock Buying Guide

So, before getting into the smart lock buying guide, what is a Smart Lock?

It is one kind of locking system that makes use of Bluetooth, Internet or an Smartphone application for the unlocking purpose. Internet availability is something inevitable for this type of security. 

Types of Smart Locks

For those who are totally new to the concept, make sure you don’t skip this. The 2 major categories of locks include the TouchScreen and secondly the Keypad. Smart Lock variants that you can opt for include:

Fingerprint or the Sensor Lock 

It will first save the fingerprint Biometrics on the device so that the unlocking is done when the right fingerprint is matched.

User Codes 

It comes with a dial of 0 to 9, you can set a code and change it after one week. This way even the code gets stolen, you could keep it safe and secure from misuse.

Master Code and the Passcode model 

These locks would accept one master code and the passcodes that are assigned to the users. The person with the master code could set up all the passcodes while keeping your home safe from unwelcome people.

Auto-Lock Setup 

Door locks that are key-based could be easily intruded, but it’s not that simple when it comes to keyless doors! With the auto-locking feature, the doors would get locked on its own even if you forgot doing it. Something which is impossible with the traditional locking setups.

Based on the type and purpose, you can choose the suitable Smart Lock for your home. Having any doubts? Hit me up in the comments, see you 🙂

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